Septiembre 20/09/2022

Join our truly unique Interlude server, it combines a low rates x7 experience with modern graphics and great features.

While developing Remastered, we take the best of all the chronicles of the game, keeping original mechanics and the classic game world. In our world, those who want to enjoy the nostalgic feeling of bygone times or those who plunge into the renewed world to conquer new heights and fierce confrontations will feel comfortable.


Get resources, trade in the market and seize sources of the best items and resources.

Resources are obtained by Drop and Spoil from monsters,
in order to create equipment, a dwarf manufactory is needed.
Huge opportunities for trading resources, equipment or valuable items.

Caft Equipment: B to S grade

Basic and classic Gmshop.
Enchant scrolls improve armor sets.

Get resources and complete tasks to craft classic equipment.

Uunited class

Dont feel unnecessary, even on your favorite support or tank.

Remastered is a version of the game that emphasizes the uniqueness of each profession. Play with any class.

NPC Buffer

There is nothing unnecessary, except for the classic development.

Classic character development. Gain experience by killing mobs, complete classic 1st, 2nd and 3rd class change quests.

What is the REMASTERED version?

Remastered is the best mechanics and game solutions from various chronicles combined together.
Remastered version regularly receives updates, developing alternatively from other versions of the game.

Below are game solutions that were taken from certain chronicles.


  • Locations - a huge, seamless world without Gracia continent
  • Mobs - Stats, Positions, and AI
  • Drop and Spoil
  • Game shops in towns
  • Craft and Economics
  • Max character level - 80
  • Skill mechanics
  • 1er 2nd class change rewards
  • Grand Olympiad - avaliable without 3rd class change and Noblesse status (with rewards for participation)
  • Daily log-in bonuses
  • Daily Raid Bosses
  • Game tasks for Clans and Parties
  • Rewards for Top Ranks and participation in Grand Olympiad
  • Modern and convenient game interface
  • Extra game solutions for character improvement

Core game changes on L2 ECHOKINETICS

We are working on «Remastered Anthology» version of the game.

  • With quarterly updates, new servers will go through the development chain from Interlude to High Five.

First server is the core, its the base of every other server, up to date and relevant. We always save your characters and items:

  • First of all, we are working on the base server
  • Base server and all new servers receive updates at the same time - at the moment the servers are merged
  • This balances the economy between the new servers that merge with the base server and allows the base server to always be actual.

In the current version of Remastered (first 4 chapters) - Interlude economy

We took the balance of classes from the top levels of High Five and translated it to the early levels of the character to preserve the gameplay of High Five;

We limited the maximum number of group members to 7 to remove the need to search for players in less relevant classes (bards,buffers). Mandatory slots in the group: buffer/heal/recharger

We combined Blade Dancer, Swordsinger - they all have the necessary range of buffs, dances, and songs. Their differences are no longer in the set of buffs, but in the narrowly-specialized skills that are only available to their classes;

We made changes to the Bishop, Elven Elder, and Shillien Elder skills and redesigned the mana pool of these classes so that there is no need to have more than 2 healers in a group

We often noticed that B- and A-Rank equipment depreciated at the start of new server chapters - we fixed that so any equipment will be relevant at every time.

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